What's kaikaikiki

Kaikai Kiki's Objectives

The GEISAI Operation

Held twice a year in fall and spring, GEISAI is an art event started in 2002 by Takashi Murakami. Including its predecessor Geijutsu Dojo Grand Prix, GEISAI has reached its 10th incarnation. An art fair with a twist, GEISAI combines hundreds of booths of artists eager to promote their works, thousands of visitors shopping and browsing through the selection, an international cast of judges to select and award the finest participants, and music and entertainment throughout the day. GEISAI is an event unlike any other; a combination of amateur convention and high-brow art fair.

GEISAI is practical training for artists

After making their first sales, aspiring artists still have to face the major hurdle of whether they can find consistent work as professionals in the industry. While some places breed an active art market, Japan is not currently one of those places. In such a young art scene, GEISAI is the first opportunity for many artists to debut their works. For its participants, having a booth in GEISAI is not only about selling work, but also about forging communication with visitors, talking about their work, and in general, undergoing practical training for a career as an artist. For visitors, GEISAI is an excellent place to casually purchase work; an experience not often possible in Japan.

Different Ways to Enjoy GEISAI

There are many different ways to enjoy GEISAI. Buying a piece of art that strikes you, talking to the artists about their work, etc. Or perhaps the piece that you bought (for not that much) will be worth quite a bit someday when that artist is picked up by a major gallery! It’s about that kind of excitement. GEISAI is a place of discovery where different people can enjoy art, all in their own ways.