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Collaboration Projects

Takashi Murakami surprised many in the art world with his collaboration with Louis Vuitton in 2002. Breaking down the barrier between commerce and art, Murakami’s multicolor bags and designs had a considerable impact on the fashion and art worlds; drawing much critical acclaim and more than a little notoriety. Since then, Kaikai Kiki artists have actively participated in various collaborations, within the fashion industry, but also with musicians and photographers.

Issey Miyake by Naoki Takizawa

Takashi Murakami first met Issey Miyake’s Naoki Takizawa in 1999, and the two creative energies immediately collaborated, introducing a Kaikai Kiki/Issey Miyake series in 2000. Between 2001 and 2004, Aya Takano, Chiho Aoshima, and Mr. collaborated with Issey Miyake to produce a line of beautiful art-inspired clothing and fashion-inspired exhibitions. In 2004, the three artists’ works, along with their corresponding fashion objects were displayed together at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin in Paris, truly unifying the art and fashion worlds. In late 2004, anime-inspired heads by Mr. were dressed in Issey Miyake clothes and installed in Issey Miyake’s Roppongi Hills boutique.

Other Collaborations

In another art and fashion collaboration, Chiho Aoshima layered her digital images over photographer Patrick Demarchelier’s images for May 2004’s issue of Harper’s Bazaar, creating a spread that subtly blurred the lines of fantasy and reality. In 2005, Chinatsu Ban collaborated with 2K by Gingham to make elephant-inspired T-shirts. In other areas, Takashi Murakami and Mr. have signed up with two Japanese pop bands, Yuzu and Kicell. Murakami showed his animation during Yuzu’s concerts, and has worked to design their album covers and even their stage sets for live performances. Mr.’s artwork and characters have debuted on the cover of Kicell’s single release Natsu ga Kuru, or “Summer Will Come."


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