What's kaikaikiki

Kaikai Kiki's Objectives

Production and Promotion of Artwork

In New York and Tokyo, highly trained Kaikai Kiki employees work under the supervision of Takashi Murakami to produce cutting-edge, innovative artworks. With constant quality checks and rigorous procedure, Kaikai Kiki works reflect their creator’s perfectionism and constant drive to redefine artistic boundaries. Having undergone such rigorous procedure. Kaikai Kiki artworks are regularly featured in prestigious exhibitions and private collections around the world.

Flat Works

Holding a PhD in traditional Japanese painting, Murakami's paintings mix traditional elements of composition with his manga-inspired, bright colored superflat paintings. Kaikai Kiki paintings are painstakingly rendered by hand, using computer rendering technology and advanced printing techniques as guides. After a training of at least 1 month, each staff must, as an initiation test, complete a small painting of a mushroom to be critiqued by Murakami.

Sculptural Works

Advanced employees work to paint and perfect sculptural versions, often constructed with fiber polymer molds, of various characters from the Takashi Murakami oeuvre. These large-scale renderings of Kaikai Kiki creatures have been praised for their humor and charm, as well as their provocative insight into Japan’s character-driven cartoon industry. Murakami’s latest large-scale sculpture project “Inochi" comes complete with a mannequin, custom made clothing, and a commercial.
Once works pass final inspection, they are crated and shipped to destinations worldwide.