What's kaikaikiki

Kaikai Kiki's Objectives

Production and Promotion of Merchandise

Steadfast to the principle that art should be present in everyday life, Kaikai Kiki produces a range of artist-related merchandise that can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere. Controversial for his Superflat theory, Murakami believes that the flat, consumerist society we live in calls for a rethinking of the relationship between commerce and art, and the acceptance of this fusion is more evolved in Japan.

The Birth of Kaikai Kiki Merchandise

Beginning with the production of figure models of Miss Ko² and Second Mission Project Ko² in 1996, Kaikai Kiki has expanded its realm of products to pillows, bags, towels, key chains, sticker sets, and even soccer balls emblazoned with Murakami and other Kaikai Kiki artists’ colorful designs. Designs for new products are conceived by Murakami, and just as with artworks, are closely monitored as they are developed by product design specialists in the Tokyo studio.

Sale of Kaikai Kiki Products

Kaikai Kiki maintains a comprehensive website, the Kaikai Kiki Marketplace (website in Japanese only), with all available products, as well as information on new and upcoming releases. Products are available through the website for individual purchase in Japan, and are available through the New York Office to resale distributors abroad. Kaikai Kiki products can be found at exclusive galleries, museum shops, and other resale outlets around the world. Kaikai Kiki Marketplace releases a regular email magazine with news and information on products, as well as general Kaikai Kiki information.