What's kaikaikiki

Kaikai Kiki's Objectives

Overseas Activities (New York Office)

Takashi Murakami first came to New York in 1994 as a recipient of the P.S. 1 International Studio Program scholarship. That same year, he founded a studio in New York, and since then has been intermittently using New York as a base for his activities. Formally established in 2002, the New York office serves as a window for Kaikai Kiki’s international activities, tracking new trends in art from around the world, and as an intermediary between Tokyo and the world.

The Office

Employing roughly 20 people, Kaikai Kiki New York consists of an office and a studio in Long Island City, New York. The office deals with projects and requests, communicating to Tokyo, managing ongoing projects with museums and organizations around the world, and working closely with galleries in New York, Los Angeles, and Paris to promote Kaikai Kiki artists’ works. In addition, the office handles biographical information and works with a public relations team to manage the portfolios and careers of Kaikai Kiki artists in their endeavors outside of Japan.

The Studio

The studio, located in a large garage space across the street from the office, produces Takashi Murakami’s paintings, in efforts to increase Kaikai Kiki’s production and facilitate shipments to destinations in America and Europe. Frequently visited by Murakami, the New York office works on opposite hours from Kaikai Kiki Japan, making Kaikai Kiki a 24-hour, international business.