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  • GEISAI Artist Chigusa Hara on display at Gallery “As It Is” and Nakano Broadway

GEISAI Artist Chigusa Hara on display at Gallery “As It Is” and Nakano Broadway

Works by GEISAI Artist Chigusa Hara Shown at Gallery “As It Is” and Nakano Broadway

This just in! Kazumi Sakata, owner of the antique shop Furudougu Sakata, will be showing works by GEISAI artist Chigusa Hara at his gallery 『 As It Is until March 28.

Here’s what Sakata had to say about the gallery space in his lecture for Season 1 of GEISAI University:

“The concept is that it is always best to present an artwork as it is, but as I’ve become more involved, it’s really turned into ‘as I like’ – I’ve come to express myself through the way I present the artworks there.”

Whether he’s choosing a piece or presenting it to the public eye, it's clear Kazumi Sakata’s search for beauty asserts itself on everything around him.

“It’s only after I’ve experimented and tried gone through every method of asserting myself on the piece possible that I’m finally convinced that the artwork is fine ‘as it is’,” he explained.

And here are the pieces by Hara currently shown at this unique gallery. Sakata first discovered Hara’s work at GEISAI#12, while serving on the festival’s jury panel. He made a purchase on the spot and has now decided to feature her works in this way at his own gallery.


Hara’s works on display.

The show will also include artwork by Hiroaki Tayama, another GEISAI artist. Why not make this weekend a particularly artistic one and stop by?

Exhibition @ Nakano Broadway

And here are some shots from Hara’s show at Kaikai Kiki’s Nakano Broadway gallery.


For the large scale painting seen here, the artist used a type of traditional Japanese paper called “Torinoko” for the canvass.

You can check out a short documentary about the work on our YouTube channel “GEISAI TV”.


The exhibit also includes these papier-mâché sculptures.


Like the artist herself, Hara’s work has a gentle atmosphere, with delicate brushwork rendered in acrylic paint.


The large scale painting and tiny papier-mâché objects inside the show window are sure to grab people’s attention.


We look forward to seeing you all there!