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The inochi Exhibition Has Opened!

Finally they are here! But…

Apologies From The Kaikai Kiki Gallery Owner Regarding The “inochi” Exhibition

Takashi Murakami’s inochi

The Takashi Murakami sculpture inochi, previously unseen in Japan, is making its premiere at the Kaikai Kiki Gallery in Moto Azabu, Tokyo.

The original objective of this event was to introduce the new line of dressable inochi figures produced by Medicom Toy. Though we have worked for over three years to prepare for this day, with endless discussions over every detail and constant rearranging of schedules, I regret to inform you that here at the very end, we suffered some unexpected setbacks during the final factory inspection. As a result, we are unable to provide for sale the number of figures previously announced. We had been making our best effort to place quality first and ensure full communication with the manufacturers, but a portion of the editions was unable to meet the approval of Takashi Murakami and we have decided that only those figures which satisfied his criteria will be made available for purchase on the opening day.

A thousands apologies to all of you who have been looking forward to these figures.
The remainder will be made available around July, 2009.
(Updates will be provided to customers who reserved a purchase.)

In addition, we will be giving an original inochi poster to the first 300 gallery visitors who purchase or reserve a dressable inochi action figure.

These same original posters will be available for purchase, as scheduled. They come in three versions:

inochi on the Playground
inochi in the School Gym
inochi in the Classroom

All three of the above versions are available with in Japanese or English text (300 in each edition).

What is art?
It is a concept.
Though the art industry has revolved around this definition for the past three decades, Takashi Murakami and Kaikai Kiki have generated a fresh wind by reemphasizing the respect for “quality” which lies at the core of the Japanese sensibility.
Even so, the thought that the pursuit of our ideals would lead us to difficulties on this scale…

was outside our expectations.

Most of all, we are deeply sorry at having to disappoint our fans in this way.

Please accept our apologies.

Kaikai Kiki Gallery owner



<Solo Exhibition Details>
□Takashi Murakami “inochi” @Kaikai Kiki Gallery
□Duration:Friday April 3, 2009 〜 Thursday, April 16
□Hours:Open: Tuesday – Saturday, 11:00-19:00 / Closed:Sunday, Monday
□Venue:Kaikai Kiki Gallery

Motoazabu Crest Bldg., B1F, 2-3-30 Motoazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo