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Tetsu Nishiyama’s Lecture From Season 2 of GEISAI University Has Now Ended

Tetsu Nishiyama’s Lecture From Season 2 of GEISAI University Has Now Ended


Our lineup of professors for Season 2 of GEISAI University is composed entirely of men’s fashion designers, so you can expect a large turnout of fashionable attendees. It’s also safe to say we’ll be seeing seen a lot more men than usual.

Honeyee.com editor Tetsuya Suzuki (left) rehearses with WTAPS Designer and the night’s professor Tetsu Nishiyama (right).
We exceeded far more guests than usual so at the last minute, we decided to increase the number of on-site tickets. The gallery filled with a sea of people, including many who stood in the back.
At 19:00, the event began with a greeting from the Chairman and a review of past GEISAI University lectures. He then handed the baton to Mr. Suzuki, managing editor of honeyee.com.
Suzuki: “The three designers we’ll be introducing these next few weeks all have a certain logic at the root of their expressiveness. This logic is necessary for creation but at the same time, in our capitalist society, it must be market-wise. Our goal is to find out what each Professor’s logic and strategy are and if we do well, I think you’ll come away with a clear understanding of what it is they do. This will be our theme for all three lectures. “
Mr. Suzuki will be serving as our host for all three lectures of Season 2.

Suzuki: “I think our professor tonight, Mr. Nishiyama, was the last runner in the Tokyo street fashion movement known as ‘Ura-Harajuku’. He has done the best job of taking the baton, the core of the movement’s concepts, and continuing its development.

The conversation then traced Nishiyama’s roots to the years before he founded WTAPS.

Suzuki: “How do you look back on the birth of the “NOWHERE” label?

Nishiyama: “It was originally a select shop run by NIGO and Junio (Jun Takahashi). At the time, I think they didn’t yet have a clear idea of what they wanted to do. But both had the desire to express something and the shop became a medium for that.
Suzuki: “It seems to me that in the latter half of the 90’s, we started seeing clothes selected by creative people, whereas in the previous eras they went into theater, magazines, bands – I was intrigued that that sort of creative people were starting to get involved in fashion and I wondered why. As someone who was involved in that era, what do you think?

Nishiyama: “I think clothes were an easy tool for us to use. Everyone says they got started by making t-shirts with silkscreens and it was the same for me. I actually brought my first silkscreen with me tonight.”

Professor Nishiyama introduces his first ever silkscreen, made by pooling money with a friend.

Nishiyama: “When I was in high school, I pooled money with an upperclassman and we went to a silkscreen workshop and had this print made for us to sell. So more than an interest in clothes, it was really just us wanting to express ourselves.

Thanks to Mr. Suzuki’s deft interviewing skills, the conversation covered a wide range of topics, from Mr. Nishiyama’s thoughts on his brand to his experiences, career activities, and cultural influences, as well as his primary concerns when designing.
Suzuki: “Do you feel that your brand or you yourself will open new avenues of communication in the future?”

Nishiyama: “Good question. I think I’ve become a little too wise to the ways of things. After doing this for fifteen years, I’ve finally started to figure out how the world works and it’s caused a kind of creative block to form. It’s scary to me. I feel that, moving forward, I need to balance this wisdom by making sure I still express myself in a genuine way.

During the question and answer session, so many people raised their hands that it was impossible for us to take questions from all of them.

With all seats full and crowds of people standing, Professor Nishiyama’s lecture was a great success. Thanks to everyone who came!
Next up will be a lecture from VISVIM designer Hiroki Nakamura. We look forward to your visit.
Photo:Kurage Kikuchi



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