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Takashi Murakami Live On USTREAM

Takashi Murakami Live On USTREAM

Hello everyone.

These days our founder and director Takashi Murakami has gotten himself hooked on the video streaming website Ustream!!!

So great is his addiction that he’s already uploaded 100+ video clips in a span of three months.

Murakami’s transmissions can be found under the username “takashipom”.

Takashi and Pom



For those who don’t know, Ustream is a website established in the U.S. through which users can stream their own live video feeds. The site not only provides a platform for lifecasting but also offers hosts the chance to interact with their viewers through live chat and user polls.

All this means that Murakami’s everyday creative process is now being streamed live online – you might even get to see actual work being done on new artwork!

Here is a clip showing one of his latest in-progress pieces, a cloud dragon:


And here is another clip capturing the drafting process for the piece:
The man who opened Murakami’s eyes to this new world was none other than Yohei Kurose, an artist/art critic who is currently scheduled to serve as a guest lecturer for Season 4 of GEISAI University and who also participated in GEISAI#14.
Kurose introduced the site as an example of emerging technology and Murakami was fascinated from minute one.

We also have a clip showing a sculpture under work at Lucky-Wide, Kaikai Kiki’s long-time creative partner:

What’s this…could it be the latest Mr. DOB…?

What about this…?

I’m sure many of you wondering just what it is that attracts Murakami to the service.
It turns out that the artist has long made a point of archiving not only his creative process but all aspects of his career, from photos of exhibitions and other materials to even press clippings.

It’s all a part of his continued effort to educate future generations of artists. When it comes to communicating with the youth of the world, Murakami will try any means to get his message across. And he cares just as much about the response to that message as he does what goes into it. With this in mind, it’s hard to imagine a better tool than Ustream.

Before we say goodbye, here’s a link to a very cute video of a sleepy Pom. We hope you enjoy it.


No matter where you are in the world, we hope you’ll pay a visit to the site of Takashipom!