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Report: Prof. Arata Yajima’s Lecture for GEISAI University Season 3

Prof. Arata Yajima’s Lecture for Season 3 of GEISAI University Has Now Ended!

In conjunction with season 3 of GEISAI University, Professor Arata Yajima’s lecture “The will to create vs. A Discerning Eye” ” has now been concluded.

This talk marked the official beginning of our third season and our tenth lecture overall.

Professor Yajima arrives with the chairman.

Mr. Yajima is the former curator of the Shoto Museum of Art in Shibuya and currently works as a professor at Atomi University.
As a curator, his competent hands have guided several important exhibitions, including the legendary Kottou Tanjou (The Birth Of Antiques).

Beginning with excerpts from the catalog for The Birth Of Antiques, Professor Yajima gradually unfurled his own view of the history of this unique subculture…

Wabi-cha → Pottery As Aesthetic → Folk Art → The modern antique world.
With slide after slide, the professor clearly explained his views, revealing shifts in attitude beginning from early 20th century figures like Jiro Aoyama and ending in contemporary figures like Kazumi Sakata.

After showing slides of several ido chawan, he explained how the uneven lines seen in these bowls represent a uniquely Japanese aesthetic.

As the lecture continued, this aesthetic (the beauty of the unplanned) would prove to be central to the professor’s thesis.

This proved to be an extremely interesting theme, with works increasingly divided into several categories:

Art by professionals (people who earn their living as artists)
Art by Amateurs
Unintended art (work by people with little interest in self expression)
Artwork that seeks to recreate the aesthetics of unintended art

With his talk concluded, the professor opened the floor to questions.
The evening came to close with the traditional thanks as well as some comments by the chairman on the common threads between Prof. Yajima’s work and that of contemporary art.

Professor Yajima, thank you very much for a memorable evening!

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【GEISAI University Season 3 Details】

■Season 3
Friday February 19 Arata Yajima  (Professor, Atomi University)(LECTURE CONCLUDED)

Friday, February 26 Takehiro Kumada (Owner of Azumaya) (LECTURE CONCLUDED)
Osamu Saruyama (Designer)
  Osamu Sugimoto (Second generation master for Daikichi)

Friday March 5 Tomoo Shoken (President of Utsuwa Shoken)


19:00~20: 30
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Single Lecture - 3,000 yen / 3 Lecture Set 7,500 yen

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