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  • Report: Kumada x Saruyama x Sugimoto for GEISAI University Season 3

Report: Kumada x Saruyama x Sugimoto for GEISAI University Season 3

The Three Way Talk Between Kumada, Saruyama, and Sugimoto for Season 3 of GEISAI University Has Now Ended!

“Moving Beyond The Word Antique,” the three-way talk between Takehiro Kumada, Osamu Saruyama, and Osamu Sugimoto
for Season 3 of GEISAI University has now been concluded.

At the request of the professors, the format for this particular lecture was a bit of a departure from our past events.
Rather than our trademark GEISAI University slide show, the talk centered on actual ceramic vessels, brought to the venue by the lecturers for all to see and touch.

Our professors arrived early to begin their preparations.
Each brought with them a treasure trove of antique items.

Soon, the audience members began to arrive as well.
They were instantly drawn to the finely aged works on display.

And then it was time to begin. The chairman opened the proceedings with a rather candid statement.
“I have no idea what's going to happen during today's lecture!”

The day's professors. From left to right: Takehiro Kumada (owner of Azumaya),
Osamu Sugimoto (second generation owner of the antique shop Daikichi),
and Osamu Saruyama (designer).

“We'd like everyone to begin by taking up the vessel of their choice and partaking of some sake or tea.
We will then take questions from all of you and allow that to steer the direction of our talk.”
With these words, a grand experiment was begun!

Listeners held each vessel carefully, studying every inch.

Professor Sugimoto poured tea with a familiarity that came from years of experience.

Once everyone had their drink of choice, the talk began to pick up steam.
After observing the ceramic work in their hands, audience members were invited to speak up and
ask questions about the portions they found most interesting.
The owner of the work than explained the vessel's history and background.

This item with the lovely pattern is a piece of kiyomizu ware from
the late Taisho or early Showa period.

“Antiques are not things to be rescued. First you must learn to love them and travel from shop to shop hearing stories from veteran collectors.
Armed with this information, you can then research further on your own, delving deeper and deeper.” In this way, each item possessed its own tale which was revealed for the education of all assembled.

Before long the lecture was over.

After the talk, the audience gathered once again to view the items as a group.

Many even bought works to take home with them. Everyone
was caught under the spell of the antique world.

Also available were reference texts with valuable information on the rare items assembled.
Guests flipped through the pages with great interest.

A special thanks to Takehiro Kumada, Osamu Saruyama,
and Osamu Sugimoto for this most interesting talk.

As an introduction to collecting, we're certain it was a fulfilling experience for all involved.

Next up, we'll bring you a report on the final class of season 3.
Keep your eyes out for it!
For further details on the event, click here (Japanese language only)

And to apply, click here (Japanese language only)↓

Photo:Kurage Kikuchi



【GEISAI University Season 3 Details】

■Season 3
Friday February 19 Arata Yajima  (Professor, Atomi University)(LECTURE CONCLUDED)

Friday, February 26 Takehiro Kumada (Owner of Azumaya) (LECTURE CONCLUDED)
Osamu Saruyama (Designer)
  Osamu Sugimoto (Second generation master for Daikichi)

Friday March 5 Tomoo Shoken (President of Utsuwa Shoken)


19:00~20: 30
※All times are subject to change

Admission Fee:

Single Lecture - 3,000 yen / 3 Lecture Set 7,500 yen

・To apply for admission please write in Japanese to the address below
 or apply via Ticket Pia.

・Application address: info@geisai.net

※Please make sure your mailbox settings enable receipt of messages from the following address: info@geisai.net

※The follow-up mail will be long so if you enter a mobile address, be sure to disable limitations on the number of characters it can receive.

※Please be aware that the application deadline may change depending on how many seats are filled.

※If you apply after all seats have been filled, your name will be transferred to the waiting list. We may contact in the event that someone cancels.

Venue: Kaikaikiki Gallery
     〒106-0046 Motoazabu Crest Bldg., B1F, 2-3-30 Motoazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

○Bus:Toei Bus橋86 (Stops in front of Meguro and Shimbashi Stations  Get off at Aiiku Byouin Mae – 2 minute walk to gallery     

○Train: Hiroo Subway Station (Hibiya Line) - 8 minute walk from exit one
Azabu Juban Subway Station (Namboku/Oedo Line) – 10 minute walk         

※The gallery is some distance from the closest station. Please use caution.

For more information on GEISAI University, please visit the GEISAI website.