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  • Now accepting applications for Season 4 of GEISAI University!

Now accepting applications for Season 4 of GEISAI University!

Now accepting applications for Season 4 of GEISAI University!

We are now ready to officially announce our lineup of Professors for Season 4 of GEISAI University!

A total of 14 guest lecturers have participated since the event began and all have put forward their own unique views and conceptual framework, giving audiences a clear picture of what is happening in today’s Japanese art world.

Season 4 is a follow up on our well received theme from season one, “A Higher Dialogue”, and features lectures by three emerging Japanese critics. The title will be: “A Higher Dialogue – Part 2”. Apply now and experience a series of cutting edge perspectives on contemporary Japanese society.

The professors for season 4 are all young! They come from your world!!

Lectures are scheduled respectively for April 2, April 9, and April 16. One of the lecturers, Yohei Kurose, also took part in GEISAI#14 with a booth called “GEISAI CRITICAL MEDIA Booth at GEISAI#14 by Yosei Kurose.

【Introducing The Professors For Season 4】

Friday, April 2
Ryota Fukushima (Age 29)

(Literary critic/Scholar of Chinese literature)


Born in 1981, Fukushima attended doctoral courses at the Kyoto University School of Literature and is now a part-time instructor at the same school. His debut as a critic came with contributions to the newsletter Hajou Genron. In 2010, he published his first theoretical analysis of East Asian culture with the book Shinwa ga Kangaeru --- Network Shakai no Bungakuron (Seidosha).

Friday, April 9
Satoshi Hamano (Age 29)

(Critic・Researcher for Nihon Gigei)


Born in 1980, Hamano is a researcher for Nihon Gigei. After completing his master’s degree in media research at Keio University, he reached his current position after working as a researcher at the Global Communications Center for the International University of Japan. He specializes in information theory and is especially active in analyzing the structure of web services. Among his published works include the book Architecture no Seitai Kei (NTT Publications, 2008) and his dissertation Nico Nico Douga no Seikou Ryoku (Shisouchizu vol. 2) (Japan Broadcast Publications, 2008).


Friday, April 16
Yohei Kurose (Age 26)

(Artist, Critic)

Born in 1983, Kurose is an artist and critic. He is currently pursuing his doctorate at the Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School Of Fine Arts with a major in intermedia art. He is one of the editors of the short comic REVIEW HOUSE and has earned attention for papers such as Character ga Miteiru. Anime Hyougenron Josetsu, published in Shisouchizu. As a critic, he is seen as one of the rising stars of his generation.

Kurose is currently working on his dissertation Atarashii “Fukei” no Tanjou – Sekaikei Monogatari to Jounen Shingata.


To register to attend the event, please fill out the form below.

We hope to see you all there!



【GEISAI University Season 4 Details】

*Please note that all lectures are conducted in Japanese language only.

■Season 4
Dates and Times:
Friday April 2,2010 Ryota Fukushima (Literary critic/Scholar of Chinese literature)
Friday April 9, 2010 Satoshi Hamano (Critic・Researcher for Nihon Gigei)
Friday April 16, 2010 Yohei Kurose (Artist, Critic)

Times:19:00 ~ 20:30
※All times are subject to change

Tuition:One Lecture 3,000 yen / 3 Lecture Set 7,500 yen

・To apply for admission please write in Japanese to the address below
 or apply via Ticket Pia.

・Application address: info@geisai.net

※Please make sure your mailbox settings enable receipt of messages from the following address: info@geisai.net

※The follow-up mail will be long so if you enter a mobile address, be sure to disable limitations on the number of characters it can receive.

※Please be aware that the application deadline may change depending on how many seats are filled.

※If you apply after all seats have been filled, your name will be transferred to the waiting list. We may contact in the event that someone cancels.

Venue: Kaikaikiki Gallery
   〒106-0046 Motoazabu Crest Bldg., B1F, 2-3-30 Motoazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

○Bus:Toei Bus橋86 (Stops in front of Meguro and Shimbashi Stations  Get off at Aiiku Byouin Mae – 2 minute walk to gallery     

○Train: Hiroo Subway Station (Hibiya Line) - 8 minute walk from exit one
Azabu Juban Subway Station (Namboku/Oedo Line) – 10 minute walk        

※The gallery is some distance from the closest station. Please use caution.

For more information on GEISAI University, please visit the GEISAI website.

GEISAI Administrative Committee