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A Report From The Opening Of Friedrich Kunath’s Solo Exhibition

A Report From The Opening Of Friedrich Kunath’s Solo Exhibition At The Kaikai Kiki Gallery

On May 15, Kaikai Kiki Gallery marked the opening of its long awaited solo exhibition for German artist Friedrich Kunath, with the artist present as he unveiled a score of new works for his first ever Asian solo exhibition.

The exhibition is a dream-come-true for Takashi Murakami, who first discovered Kunath’s works at Art Basel in 2008 and began his approach to the artist soon after. On the evening of May 14, the day before the public opening, a reception party was held at the gallery .


The ever cool Friedrich Kunath in front of one of his paintings.
The canvass behind him is huge, measuring as much as 3 meters.


Kunath spraying perfume on one of his works, just before the opening.
"For me, perfume is like an invisible sculpture. With all these different materials
blending together in mid air, the scent is certain to remain in the viewer’s memory.
That's what art is after all - memory, ” he explained.


Both the gallery and the exhibition itself are divided into two conceptual spaces.
On the walls of the tatami room are fantastical paintings which reflect the artist's
inner psyche. Though they are stoically conceptual, the pieces also feature a light
and humorous touch. Kunath told us that most of the works were finished before they
were given a title.


From left to right: Tim Blum, owner of Blum & Poe Gallery, Friedrich Kunath,
and Takashi Murakami. Before the reception began, Tim gave us a guided tour of the show for our
UStream channel.


The white-cube area of the gallery felt more similar to a museum with a
lineup of works that was more serious and conceptual. In the center of the
space is a lengthy video piece.


The sculpture at the fore of the photo represents the inner struggle common
to all human beings. The little ones at the rear are Tim's children.


Happiness and despair, light and darkness, laughter and tears.
This single work combines several contradictory emotions.

We also have several original posters on sale made especially for this exhibition. Only 100 items are available (each with its own edition number) and all are signed by the artist. This is an opportunity you won't want to miss.


With their ironic titles and texts, Kunath's works reflect the inner lives of human being and we are certain that they will resonate with Japanese as they have with audiences the world round. The exhibition will remain open until June 12 (Sat.), 2010. We look forward to seeing you at the Kaikai Kiki Gallery.

©Friedrich Kunath 2010. All Right Reserved.
Photos by Masao Sekigawa



Friedrich Kunath
I used to be darker But then I got lighter And then I got dark again

May 15 - June 12, 2010
Hours:11:00 - 19:00
Closing: Sun, Mon

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