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  • Hiroki Nakamura's Lecture From Season 2 Of GEISAI University Has Now Ended

Hiroki Nakamura's Lecture From Season 2 Of GEISAI University Has Now Ended

Hiroki Nakamura's Lecture From Season 2 Of GEISAI University Has Now Ended

Hiroki Nakamura’s lecture from GEISAI University Season 2 has now ended!

With none other than visvim designer Hiroki Nakamura as our guest professor, today’s lecture was a big hit. We even had guests attending from abroad with interpreters in tow. Visvim has established itself as a world class brand and the event received attention from all corners.


The long line for entrance stretched outside the gallery.


Visvim designer Hiroki Nakamura (right) confirms the final details of his presentation with Honeyee.com managing editor Tetsuya Suzuki (left).


Hiroshi Fujiwara could be spotted among the attendees.


Several guests were willing to stand in the back in order to view the lecture.


The lecture begins after an introduction from Mr. Suzuki.

Suzuki: “Among independent domestic brands, visvim is known more for the originality of its products, rather than merely style or image. It has attracted attention not just in Japan but abroad as well. Today, we’d like to hear from you about the concepts and logic behind the visvim brand.”


Nakamura tells the audience that the foundation of the visvim philosophy - which places an emphasis on making high quality products - was developed before the birth of the brand.

Nakamura: In my previous company, I had a chance to go to factories and inspect products, literally thousands of items of merchandise. From that, I gained a sense of how big a responsibility it is to put something out on the market. I decided that if I were to construct a brand, I would want my products to have meaning – a deeper aspect.

For a brand like visvim that started from making shoes, what constitutes a good product and a bad one? How do you define authenticity? Step by step, Nakamura led us through his thought progression. He revealed that the key to comfortable shoes was making something that is light and won’t tire the feet, something that people will want to wear everyday…


Nakamura then produced a sample pair of shoes and went into detail on the logic behind each feature. He also showed video and photographs from a factory where his goods are made. Cordovan (leather taken from the haunches of the horse), a long standing Chicago leather factory, Harris tweed from the island of Harris, the shoes worn by Sami (an indigenous ethnic group from Norway), natural latex from a Vietnamese plantation –Nakamura offered up several anecdotes, and each brought us a rare glimpse into the world of a master craftsman. Everyone present gained a clear understanding of the designer’s varied inspirations.


After showing a documentary on the founding of visvim’s F.I.L. and another store in Kyoto, Nakamura responded to questions from the audience.


The deep interest of the audience was obvious from the detailed nature of their questions.


A two shot with Professor Nakamura and Mr. Suzuki.

Special thanks to Hiroki Nakamura for this fascinating lecture.

We’d also like to extend our gratitude to everyone who attended, including the guests who stood, for making this event a great success!

Next up is the final lecture from season 2 with Guest Professor Masaki Homma, designer from Mastermind Japan.

Photo:Kurage Kikuchi



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