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Our New Gallery Hidari Zingaro Opens In Nakano Broadway

Our New Gallery Hidari Zingaro Opens In Nakano Broadway

Announcing the arrival of Kaikai Kiki’s new gallery Hidari Zingaro on the third floor of Nakano Broadway. As regular readers will know, Kaikai Kiki has been operating a window display on the shopping center’s first floor for some time, but now we have opened a full fledged store selling artworks, antiques, posters, and other various items. The store officially opened its doors on April 28.

A look at the space from the outside.

The name Hidari Zingaro is derived from the genius sculptor Hidari Zingoro(左甚五郎), who is said to have existed in the early years of the Edo period. There are several legends explaining the origin of the sculptor’s name, one of which goes as follows:

“Hidari (左), the artist’s surname, and also the Japanese word for “left,” is indicative of his anti-social nature - i.e. he was an early punk. Since “migi,” the Japanese word for “right,” refers to the establishment of social order, “hidari” is symbolic of rebellion against that order.
The first name Zingoro (甚五郎)is said to be an adaptation of the Japanese word “Zingaro,” which was itself derived from the word Gypsy, tales of whom had begun filtering into the country from Europe at that time.

In all, the name was perfectly suited for an artist whose creative calling card was freedom itself.

To this unique name, we have added our own personal touch by using the Chinese character for “moth” (蛾)- those insects of the night - to represent the sound “ga”. As a symbol of the transparent air that governs the darkness in which moths flutter, we also added the character for “wolf” (狼),allowing this great animal’s moonlight howl to represent the phonetic sound “ro”.

Combined, Hidari Zingaro (左甚蛾狼) proclaims a total spiritual freedom that blossoms at night.

By word of mouth alone, we’ve been attracting scores of customers every day.

The man running all this behind the scenes is our project staff Taima-kun. Has he added provisional manager to his already long list of duties?!

The items on this table were acquired in advance, many of them from Takashi Murakami’s own antique collection. You’ll also notice ceramic items, pieces from contemporary artists, posters and much much more. The permanent display changes fairly frequently and already many guests have been tempted to stop by two days in a row.

While plans for specific displays are still under consideration, we expect to mainly focus on contemporary art pieces. You can look forward to seeing works by artists selected by Kaikai Kiki, antiques, pottery items and other unique exhibits. Many of these objects will be also available for purchase on site.

And that's not all! We’re also in the midst of planning special gatherings and events, hosted by a wide range of familiar names. We are certain that the space will become a new artistic hub the likes of which Tokyo has never seen.

We hope you look forward to what the future holds for Hidari Zingaro! (And if you read Japanese, be sure to stay tuned to Takashi Murakami’s Twitterfor more information.)



Nakano Broadway
164-0001 Tokyo-to, Nakano-ku, Nakano 5-52-15 3F

Hours: 12:00〜19:00
※For information on days when the shopping center will be closed:

Floor Map
※The area marked “Kaikai Kiki” is Hidari Zingaro.