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Hi & Lo Opening

Hi & Lo Opening

The Hi & Lo exhibition, curated by Hiroshi Fujiwara, opened at the Kaikai Kiki Gallery on November 1st.

Just 30 minutes after the beginning of the advance preview on the previous day, so many people arrived that it became hard to find any space to even move. Being that it was Halloween, there were artists mingling with cosplayers and people in ghoulish makeup came out for the invitation-only preview.

Curated by Hiroshi Fujiwara and presented by Takashi Murakami, the Hi & Lo exhibition is a bit different from other events which we’ve hosted to date. The exhibit features artworks from Fujiwara’s private collection as well as original works which were produced in collaboration with Murakami.


The artwork selected for the exhibition by ever innovative and cutting-edge Hiroshi Fujiwara range from works by young artists discovered at GEISAI to works by art world giants. Paired with the works created in a new collaboration between Fujiwara and Murakami, the resulting presentation is free of such constricting labels like high end and low end as hinted within in exhibition title.

The original works by Fujiwara and Murakami were produced at the Kaikai Kiki studios.
In addition, posters and other products which used the paintings as a foundation, combined them with Murakami’s characters were created especially for the show.
The exhibit will be on view until 11/15 (Friday).

Photos by Kurage Kikuchi



Kaikai Kiki Gallery
2-3-30 Motoazabu Crest Building B1F
Motoazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Please enter from the stairway outside.
Train access:
Take the Hibiya subway line to Hiro station and exit through entrance #1.
8 minutes on foot.