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  • GEISAI#14 Silver Prize Winner Ayumu Iwamura At Nakano Broadway Gallery

GEISAI#14 Silver Prize Winner Ayumu Iwamura At Nakano Broadway Gallery

GEISAI#14 Silver Prize Winner Ayumu Iwamura’s Works On Display At Our Nakano Broadway Gallery

Attention all readers: Works by Ayumu Iwamura , winner of the Silver Prize at
GEISAI#14are now on display at the Kaikai Kiki in Nakano Broadway.

A look at one of the award winning works on display.

Iwamura not only had the idea of tattooing a stuffed deer, he also worked personally with the hunter who caught it. Clearly he is a man of intense attention to detail, as can be seen in the high quality of the tattoo art itself. This piece was rated very highly by our jurors.

Overflowing with energy, this tattoo demonstrates a high level of skill and a great eye for capturing scenes.

(Ayumu Iwamura, winner of the Silver Prize at GEISAI#14)

Iwamura told us that GEISAI had long been on his radar and that once he had works he could be satisfied in showing, it had been his plan to debut here all along! His display at the festival and the acclaim he received are a truly impressive realization of his goals.

(The artist's big moment at GEISAI#14. Presenting the award is juror Sen So-oku.)

Here is a shot of the artist installing his work at Nakano Broadway. The piece is lifted carefully by three staff members.

The artist's attention to detail was evident once again, as he worked to find the proper placement of the piece inside the space.

He also included this imaginative message to viewers. It’s written from the perspective of the tattoo artist and states that it was the first time he had had a non-human customer.

A look at the finished exhibit. Perfect!

Once the installation was completed, people began to gather from all around. It turned out to be a real eye catcher. "Is that a deer? Are those tattoos?!" Viewers stared for minutes on end, taking it all in.

We hope you too will find the time to stop by.

In an interview we conducted, Iwamura told us his ideas for the piece started from a question: how best to communicate to people the beauty of tattoos? Though he makes his living as a designer, he is also creatively active on his own, producing work which varies greatly from his professional output. A Graduate of an art university in Tochigi, he also had a message for other artists: “I wanted to show that even if you don't live and work in Tokyo, you can still produce great art and even win an award! “I'm very happy.”
In all, he is impressed as an artist with great strength of will.

Congratulations on your award, Mr. Iwamura. All of us here at the GEISAI Executive Committee will continue to cheer you on.