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  • GEISAI#14 Bronze Prize Winner Yukie Osawa @ Nakano Broadway

GEISAI#14 Bronze Prize Winner Yukie Osawa @ Nakano Broadway

Nakano Broadway Exhibition Report: GEISAI#14 Bronze Prize Winner Yukie Osawa

Recently, we began holding an exhibition for GEISAI#14 bronze prize winner Yukie Osawa at our Nakano Broadway Gallery.

A look at the works on display.

Our GEISAI#14 jurors were blown away not only by Osawa’s ability to construct a dense, many layered space but also the way she combined the parts into a consistent whole without sacrificing the quality of each individual work. It was much in part this unique design sense that led to her award.

GEISAI#14 Bronze Prize Winner Yukie Osawa.

Osawa’s GEISAI#14 booth.

Rather than using GEISAI as a showcase for her drawing skills, Osawa said she was more interested in the concept of displaying artworks along with every day objects like a bathroom sink. In this way, her GEISAI#14 exhibit was a brilliant realization of her artistic aims.

Osawa receiving her award. She shares a handshake with the presenter, Mr. Ito from GRV.

Below is a look at the installation work that was done at Nakano Broadway.

The artist recreates her GEISAI exhibit, beginning with this large panel.

Next up came the installation of several drawings and paintings.

She even installed a bathroom sink.

With so many works in such a narrow space, the entire gallery has taken on an Osawa flavor.

Afterward, the artist was kind enough to grant us an interview.

Ms. Osawa told us that this was her first time to exhibit at GEISAI and that she heard about the festival from a fellow art student. She also described herself as someone who spent much of her childhood playing by herself. In this way, the girls in her drawings reflect her own experiences and thoughts, as well as flights of pure fancy.

As it turns out, Osawa was also a participant in Chaos Lounge, a group exhibition of young Japanese artists organized by GEISAI University alumnus Yohei Kurose. At present, she is preparing for the group’s next show.

Of course, the only way to fully experience this unique installation is to come see it for yourself. We hope you’ll stop by.

Congratulations on your award Ms. Osawa. The GEISAI Executive Committee are rooting for your continued success.

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