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  • G#14 Gold Prize Winner Shuhei Yamada On Exhibit at KK Nakano Broadway

G#14 Gold Prize Winner Shuhei Yamada On Exhibit at KK Nakano Broadway

GEISAI#14 Gold Prize Winner Shuhei Yamada On Exhibit at Kaikai Kiki Nakano Broadway

As of this moment, we are now featuring a display for GEISAI#14 Gold Prize winner Shuhei Yamada at Kaikai Kiki’s Nakano Broadway Gallery.
A shot of the award winning artwork on display

In the words of the GEISAI#14 jury, Yamada’s artwork is conspicuous in its subtraction. His concept involves removing “language” and signifiers from landscape photos, resulting in pieces that are at once powerful and yet accessible. They also feature a certain international flavor that would make them feel right at home on the world stage.
Shuhei Yamada – Winner of the GEISAI#14 Gold Prize

In truth, this was actually Mr. Yamada’s 5th time to exhibit at GEISAI and he has twice before been nominated for awards. That’s some talent!

He entered GEISAI#14 with the determination that this would finally be his moment and sure enough, his faith was rewarded with the top prize.
Yamada receiving his award at GEISAI#14

Another look at the Nakano Broadway display. The artist carefully confirms the alignment of the photographs using duplicates for testing.

Each work is installed with the utmost care.

The exhibit quickly caught the attention of passers-by. “Huh? What is that? Is it grass?!”

Mr. Yamada was also kind enough to grant us an interview.

In our talks with the young artist, we discovered that he began photography with the goal of becoming an advertising cameraman. He came to his unique outer-space like images by “subtracting” meaning and time from the photos he took, a process that was the result of much trial and error. Mr. Yamada assures that there’s a lot more ideas where that came from and we can’t wait to see what he delivers next.

Asked about his immediate plans for the future, Yamada informed us that he has just finalized dates for an exhibit at a Paris art fair. “In the future, I hope to produce artwork that is even better than what I have now. And I want to establish myself socially as an artist, rather than just a creator of works.”

“I hope to maintain my level of passion as I continue and I will try not to let this award go to my head.”

Congratulations to Shuhei Yamada for a well deserved award. The entire GEISAI Executive Committee looks forward to great things in your future.