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  • Friedrich Kunath Solo Exhibition @ Kaikai Kiki Tokyo Gallery

Friedrich Kunath Solo Exhibition @ Kaikai Kiki Tokyo Gallery

Friedrich Kunath Solo Exhibition @ Kaikai Kiki Tokyo Gallery

This year Kaikai Kiki has launched a unique program where we will be inviting incredibly talented artists from all over the world to hold solo exhibitions at our very own Kaikai Kiki Gallery in Motoazabu, Tokyo.
We have a couple of fantastic young/emerging artists from US and Europe for this year.

This week we present to you all, Mr. Friedrich Kunath - one of our collaboration artists, whom lives and works in LA.

And we are thrilled to say we are currently organizing a solo exhibition for Friedrich to be held in May!


A few days back Takashi Murakami visited Friedrich's studio in LA to discuss some details about the upcoming show.



The studio is located in Highland Park, just 5 min north of Downtown Los Angeles.


Murakami first discovered Friedrich's work during Miami Art Basel in 2008, at Blum & Poe gallery's booth.

TM: When I first discovered one of Friedrich's works a little over a year ago, I was overtaken by the powerful message inherent in Friedrich's unique expression; I needed to find out who this person was immediately.


It was only a short while until we were visiting Friedrich's digs on a regular basis, pondering his work and discussing ways for big ideas to become big realities.

Here is an excerpt from our interview with the artist where he shared with us an interesting story as to how he became an artist:

FK: The only thing what was left was art. I was bad at school, thrown out of every school, and I had barely any interest in anything, but then,almost as a joke I started painting, – and my mother, without telling me ,submitted my paintings to the art academy. So when the art academy took me on,you can imagine my surprise when my mother told me that I was going to study art. So it started almost like joke and desperation and then slowly over time I found out that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life-telling stories without knowing the end.

TM: Friedrich is a very important artist with a singular voice, and I found myself wanting to expose Friedich's work to an even greater audience, especially to the youth of Japan. 

Murakami spoke with eyes wide and full of excitement.

FK: I think my main thing – theme – is, if we’re talking about life, the paradox of life, I can’t help but laugh and cry about the way I see world and the way the world looks back at me.
And it is exactly that moment between tragic and comedy I’m trying to distill and articulate.
I pretty much have a one track mind,that's all I’m interested in..Love ,and the lack of it.

While his exhibition at Kaikai Kiki Gallery in Tokyo will be his debut show in Asia, in November of 2009, Friedrich had a solo exhibition at 「Kunstverein Hannover」, a museum in Hannover Germany . He has also recently had solo shows at the Hammer Museum in Los Angles (2010),at 「Aspen Art Museum」 in Aspen Colorado, in Berlin at 「BQ」,「Andrea Rosen Gallery」 New York, and of course at 「Blum &Poe」 in Los Angeles.

May 15th opening. Kaikai Kiki Gallery, Motoazabu Tokyo Japan.

Come one, come all!!