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Aya Takano Has Provided Artwork For The m-flo Tribute Album!

Aya Takano Has Provided Artwork For The M-flo Tribute Album!

A tribute to the Japanese pop group m-flo will be released on September 16, with contributions by several prominent young artists. The album is called “m-flo TRIBUTE 〜maison de m-flo〜” and was recorded to commemorate the group’s 10th anniversary.
We’re proud to announce that our own Aya Takano also participated in the project by providing artwork for the CD jacket!

The album consists of tribute songs performed by Japan’s most popular young artists and will be followed by the release of an all-time best album, reflecting on the group’s 10-year career, as well as a special live performance.

To get a feel for M-flo, here’s a look at the music video for “DOPAMINE” by m-flo ♥ Emyli & Diggy-MO'.

These sequences were filmed in the city of Nagoya, inside an airplane used to help astronauts prepare for weightlesness.

As it turns out, Takano is also fascinated by weightlessness and has herself twice made the trip to Nagoya in order to try the simulation. With this experience in hand, she hit it off pretty well with M-flo’s Verbal and the two spent much time exchanging stories.

They also shared a knowing nod when looking through a book on NASA conspiracies that Takano brought to the first meeting on the project. The shocking item that caught their attention: a photo which showed what appeared to be a concrete building on the surface of the moon.

You could say that Aya’s contributions to the project are a collaboration between two outer-space enthusiasts.

↓Here’s a look at the jacket artwork!
©2009 Aya Takano/Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

On the bottom right, you’ll notice a signed message that reads “Aya Takano for m-flo”. The idea to add the words “for m-flo” was actually proposed by VERBAL and showcases the album’s concept as a lineup of songs commissioned by the group themselves. One can easily see just how much the album means to Verbal and the attention to detail that went into it!

It’s also interesting to note that before becoming being converted to cd jacket size, the image was first produced on a large canvass. (By large, we mean as big as 1,740 × 1,417mm. )
The two smaller paintings on the side were used for the inlay cards included in the cd case.


When you stop and compare the original with the final results, you realize… that’s a lot to compress! And yet the final image is so precise, you can even see the original texture of the canvass.
That’s not all - the artwork has also been adapted into a 9-fold poster that’s included with the cd! Wow!

Takano provided detailed instructions for all her contributions, including how to arrange the images so that the artwork continues as a single picture on the back cover. The inlay card and rear of the booklet, meanwhile, form a single painting featuring a UFO once witnessed in 16th century Germany!

This CD is a must-have for Takano lovers, not to mention fans of m-flo! We hope you will all mark the September 16 (Wed) release date on your calendars and make the trip to your nearest record store.

All Artworks ©2009 Aya Takano/Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.



M-flo tribute album
“m-flo TRIBUTE 〜maison de m-flo〜”
Released Date: Wednesday, September 16
Select songs will be available in advance as mobile phone melodies from early August, 2009
Price: ¥2,100 (tax included.)
No. of songs: 10 (selected from among the group’s greatest hits)

Contributing artists (Names listed in alphabetical order):
Aoyama Thelma, BENI, COMA-CHI, JEJUNG & YUCHUN(Tong Vfang Xien Qi),
JONTE, Marie, May J., misono, Nishino Kana, Shimizu Shota, WISE, YU-A