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Aya Takano To Host Solo Exhibitions In May and September!

Aya Takano is Having Solo Exhibitions in May and September, 2010!

From providing cover art for cult act Joseph Nothing’s new CD, to contributing artwork to the group exhibition Garden of Painting Japanese Art of the 00s at the National Museum of Art, Osaka, and even collaborating with a Japanese spiritualist on a set of original Tarot cards, Aya Takano has made an incredible active start to the year 2010.

…And we have yet another announcement to make; she is going to have two major overseas solo exhibitions - first in May at the Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin booth as a part of the Hong Kong art fair, and then in September at Museum Wiesbaden, Germany!

It was with this in mind that Emmanuel Perrotin himself and Patricia, the curator for her Wiesbaden show, recently paid a visit to Takano's Yokohama studio to discuss the details. The trip came as Takano was hard at work on her pieces for the Hong Kong show.

“I really love the view from here!” gasped Emmanuel, as always. He was also pretty excited at the chance to see the new works lying in front of him. As Takano was working on several pieces in parallel, the space was packed with several canvas panels.
She plans to meet this opportunity with as many as 15 new works!

Discussing details of the project over the yummy sweets the guests kindly brought from Paris.

Patricia (right) and Takano.

She told us that she had studied Japanese to prepare for their meeting, but they made themselves understood in English as well.



This is the never before seen maquette showing the floor plan for the German show (the venue is the Museum Frieder Burda, which stands side by side with the Museum Wiesbaden).

“It's huge!” cried Takano, looking a bit overwhelmed.

“There's a video projection screen too!” Patricia added.

The Museum Frieder Burda is one of the most prestigious art museums in Germany, with a collection that includes such important artists as Sigmar Polke and Gerhard Richter. In an effort to spice up their classical image, the museum has recently decided to explore new horizons, introducing more works by younger artists. Takano has received the honor of being the first artist to take part in this series of collaborations!

And of course it helps that Patricia and Takano share the same generation. After spending some time in the studio, the trio enjoyed a meal of tasty sushi and set off for a “night out” in Tokyo – a first time experience for our young German curator.

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