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Winter Garden: The Exploration of the Micropop Imagination in Contemporary Japanese Art

A contemporary Japanese art exhibition exploring the prominence of “micropop” in the art of young Japanese artists who were born after the 1960s and emerged in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The show will examine how the artistic expressions and methods employed by these artists relate to contemporary life.
A total of 30 pieces will be shown, including drawings, paintings, and video works.

“Micropop” is a word coined by Midori Matsui, the curator of the exhibition (see note below).
It describes a form of artistic expression which introduces fresh perspectives, sensibilities, and behavior patterns that, rather than stemming from ideology and social convention, are formed by rearranging fragments of information and images gained from everyday experience and knowledge. At the same time, it also gives new purpose and context to things which have previously been determined obscure, outmoded, discardable, and fragmentary.

The exhibition was convened by the Japan Foundation as part of a plan to introduce the new generation of Japanese contemporary artists to the world. It was for this reason that the task of curator was given to the art critic Midori Matsui.. Though a tour of Europe is scheduled for this fall, the organizers have decided to unveil the show here in Japan at the Hara Museum.

(Note) This show follows on the heels of an exhibition curated by Matsui and Tsukasa Mori called The Door into Summer: The Age of Micropop and held at Art Tower Mito’s Contemporary Art Center/Gallery in 2007. However, it also aims to introduce the newer trends of Japanese contemporary art which place more emphasis on humanity and physicality.

Event Dates May 23, 2009 - July 20, 2009
Location Hara Museum of Contemporary Art 4-7-25 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0001
Admission General 1,000 yen; Students 700 yen (high school and university) or 500 yen (elementary and junior high); Free for Hara Museum Members
Host Hara Museum of Contemporary Art/ The Japan Foundation
Curator: Midori Matsui (art critic)
Website http://www.haramuseum.or.jp / mobile site: http://mobile.haramuseum.or.jp
Participating Artist(s) Aya Takano Mahomi Kunikata  
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