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Takashi Murakami

In just 15 years, Takashi Murakami has written a chapter of contemporary art history.

The paintings, sculptures, and balloons of Takashi Murakami are colorful and attractive, and accessible in their reference to lovable cartoon characters.  Murakami uses his deep understanding of Western art to integrate his work into its structure; working from the inside to portray “Japanese-ness” as a tool to bring about revolution in the world of art.

As an artist, Murakami questions the lines drawn between East and West, past and present, high art and popular culture.  Not stopping with the production of artworks, Murakami shocked the world with his entrepreneurial collaboration with Louis Vuitton, when he challenged the divide between art and commerce.

As a curator, Murakami challenges our notions of history and culture.  With his three-part Superflat exhibition which toured in major museums in America and Europe, he attempted to introduce Japanese artists, animators, cartoonists, etc. to an international audience, under the premise that such categories of creativity are not as rigid in the Japanese system, and might all be thought of as “art.” His final installation Little Boy suggested a new interpretation of history through a political exposition of the A-bomb and post-war Japanese popular culture.

While proposing a rethinking of “Japan” to those both within and outside, Murakami maintains a strong commitment to promoting Japanese art throughout the world.  Twice a year he holds the GEISAI festival in Japan for young emerging talent, and with his company Kaikai Kiki, supports and manages a group of young artists while preparing for his future endeavors.

“To become a living example of the potential of art.” This is the burning force behind Takashi Murakami’s work.

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